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April 9, 2010

Introducing “Nature Tan”

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Nature Tan is now being carried as a regular product in our line of offerings on!

This is NOT one of those self- tanning or “instant tan” products. It will not give you an artificial tan just by using it.

SPF protection will filter against damaging effects of ultraviolet radiation that include early aging. This results in pigmentation, hazards of cancer, metabolic disorders, and many other harmful effects. But a concentration of filters cannot be increased endlessly. It is for this reason, Nature Tan was developed.

As aging occurs, the skin’s layers thin. When photo-aging occurs, the epidermis and corneous layer thickens. This results in “sailor’s skin”, “farmer’s skin” or scientifically, “actininc elastosis”. This is the type of skin that is most susceptible to melanoma.

Nature Tan reverses the aging process by replenishing the skin with products that include antioxidants, and moisturizing and anti-inflammatory ingredients that protect the skin from the sun. The epidermis and inner layers of skin are thickened, but with natural protection.

This difference is, is that this product works from within your body by enhancing you natural protective systems that protect your skin from damage by solar radiation.

In general, experts have divided the earth’s population into 6 skin types in relation to how their skin reacts to the sun:

1. People with very light skin, blue or green eyes, blond or red hair. Their skin contains very little melanin which helps absorb and filter solar rays. In general, experts call them albinos. People of this type have skin that sunburns very easily but they rarely tan – more frequently, they only get red. Tanning for these people is usually not recommended because their skin is unable to protect them from the ultraviolet. They can only spend about five or ten minutes safely in the bright sunlight. Their only solution is to be in the shade which is sufficient to keep them healthy.

2. People who have an English, Scottish, Baltic, or Scandanavian inheritance. They have light blue or brown eyes, blond or red hair, and freckles. They have a low level of melanin but more than those of Type 1. Their skin will tan slightly, often reddens, and is extremely susceptible to burns. These people can tolerate more ultraviolet than those of Type 1, but if their skin is not prepared for tanning beforehand, their skin will redden severely and will burn during the first days they spend in the sun. Their skin may subsequently peel and a noticeable tank will not appear right away, but only after a minimum of four days.

3. These people are typically dark eyed, chestnut or dark blond hair, but with light colored skin. These types of people are from Central Europe or Russia. These people have an average level of melanin in their skin. They tan well, but the skin reacts with modest reddening which will later turn into a tan. These people can spend twenty to thirty minutes in the sun without consequences, otherwise a sunburn is possible without their skin being properly prepared. Tanning will also appear after a minimum of 4 days.

4. These are people who have dark complexioned skin and brown eyes. In general, these people are from the East (Asian) or are representative of the “Mediterranean” race. These people can spend time in the sun for up to forty minutes or longer – and they can increase the time they spend in open sunlight when their skin has been properly prepared. They tan beautifully and evenly – and almost do not burn if they do not overdo the sun.

5. People of this type have dark hair, brown eyes, and very dark complexioned skin. As a rule, these are people from India, or are Native Americans, or are from North Africa. They tan easily and their skin can turn intensely dark. They can become chocolate colored in three days and not burn. They have a certain amount of pigment in their skin but, but living in a hot and very dry climate, these people will need to protect their skin. Sun protection products having a minimum SPF factor is highly recommended during their first two days in the sun.

6. These people are Africans, African Americans, and Australian Aboriginies. They typically have have black skin which is virtually unsusceptible to sunburn. These people can do without any protection aat all and can spend much time in the sun. It is only recommended that they use creams and lotions that moisturize the skin.

If you are of the first four skin types, Nature Tan is ideally suited for you and is particularly essential to the first 3 skin types. Nature Tan is not only a protective, but also has an aesthetic function – it is suited to those who want not only a healthy tan, but a beautiful long-lasting tan that won’t fade for a long time.

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