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November 30, 2009

Stalon Is Back (temporarily)

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Stalon, a longtime favorite, will be for sale again in the United States – at least temporarily. It has been out of stock here for at least 6 months and we apologize for the waiting.

Although demand for Stalon has been high in the United States, the factory has been able to produce it only for the largest market with the labeling in Russian.

As a result, our normal supplier has been unable to fill orders from the United States. We will be providing a translation of the bottle, in English, with every order.

We hope this situation will change in the near future, but in the interest of our customers, we have been able to secure a quantity of Stalon so that we may be able to keep it in stock (hopefully) until our regular supplier is able to fill our orders for it.

Please see our website at for details on Stalon.

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