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November 15, 2009

The Eyes Have It

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Safe2C is a product that has been developed for your eyes. From the time you wake up in the morning, to the time you close your eyes to go to sleep at night, your eyes are constantly working as your window to the world! It is the most used organ in your body!

You go to the gym to work out your large muscle groups. Your stomach relaxes after mixing and starting to digest your nourishment. But your eyes are constantly working – adjusting to light, adjusting to distance, blinking, watering, and moving. They rid the dust and smoke from your eyes. And they filter your sight from the debris on your windshield while you are driving, and straining so that you can read in dim light or on a moving train (or bus).

Why don’t you give your eyes some needed nourishment? Safe2C also provides much needed anti-oxidants which can prevent ongoing damage to the cells of your eyes leaving you with a better quality of sight over your lifetime.

Vision International has developed this product to fill in those gaps and has finally come up with a product which they feel will best suit the health of your eyes. Biologically Active Food Supplements fill in the gaps that occur with today’s mass produced food crops that actually provide less nourishment per unit of the same .

You only need to take Safe2C once in the morning. It’s like watering the plants in your home – your eyes will be nourished for the rest of the day and they’ll love you for it!

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