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July 20, 2009

Hello, And Welcome To My Blog!

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Welcome to my Blog! My company is VisionIPG-USA LLC and I had a website set up to promote Biologically Active Food Supplements (BAFS) produced in Europe by Vision International. These are natural organic nutritional supplements that are produced in a manner that preserves the nutrient qualities of the plants they are made from. The facility and their production process meets worldwide standards for cleanliness, safety, and preservation of the supplement values.

They start by gathering the plants worldwide. Although these plants grow in many areas of the world, there are particular regions where their potency is strongest. This may be due to local soil chemistry and environmental factors such as temperature, humidity, or even elevation above sea level! They are shipped to the factory in special sealed containers and processed immediately to preserve their potency.

More about their production is described on the website in a section titled “Arkopharma” – but in brief, the main points are that they are produced using “cold” methods. That is, no heat is used in their production. They are frozen and ground, then the nutrients are extracted using a high pressure super-critical process with CO2. When the CO2 is brought back back to normal pressure, the CO2 escapes back to the atmosphere and what is left is the pure extract without any residue! I don’t understand all this process, but it was explained to me and it makes sense.

I’ll be writing more about what Biologically Active Food Supplements (BAFS) are all about and providing more product information in subsequent posts. If you like these articles, you can subscribe at any time and I’ll let you know when there is an addition to my blog. In the meantime, be healthy!

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