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October 31, 2010

Winter Is Coming!

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It is now Fall and the leaves are turning colors. It’s a beautiful sight here in Indiana and it is probably just as nice in many other parts of the United States, Canada, and Europe where you live as well!

But sooner than we realize, it will be winter and the kaleidoscope of colors will give way to the monochromes of winter – black and white (with various shades of grey)!

But we are also entering the Holiday Season with all the joys of colorful decorations, large festive meals (and weight gain) and parties, both at work and at someone’s home.

Now is the time to start thinking about Christmas (as the prices are much better now) and New Years (when we make our Resolutions). What will you resolve to do next year that you didn’t get around to this year? Will you resolve to be healthier, stronger, leaner, and keener?

I made that resolution last year and (fortunately) it was one that I kept. It was to increase my intake of Natural Supplements and as a result, I have avoided the mini-epidemics that come from having an elementary school daughter bringing home such little “gifts” as sore throats, stomach diseases, overnight sicknesses and worse!

I know that the food we buy in our local grocery store is not of the same quality as when we were growing up. More food is produced per acre, beef cows are bigger, chickens are smaller and they lay more eggs per bird. This means that the nourishment available in the soil is more “diluted” and the cows are not as healthy as they don’t get as much exercise, and the chickens are cooped up in pens and fed grains that aren’t as plentiful in natural content.

Just look at the shelves in your grocery store – there are vitamins and minerals and food supplements of all sorts and there are more manufacturers of them (and they are not inexpensive)! That spins your mind, if you are thinking of supplementing your diet, as to which brand is reliable!

I chose a brand which is very well known to be highly reliable – products by Vision International.

Vision products are made with all natural ingredients gathered from plants which are grown in environmentally certified regions of the world – and (best of all) manufactured to maintain their freshness and goodness. In the production of their products, no heat is used in any step – not in the growth of the plant, not in the storage, not at any stage of extracting their healthy substance, nor in their packaging! How many others can say that? Not many.

It is easy to read about where Vision’s products come from and how they are made. Try to get that from another product and you may become a little frustrated.

Vision products are transparent in the make-up of their products. You can read about them on our website at

Make a resolution to healthy next year and start by preparing your body to accept a new lifestyle!

Be Healthy,

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