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July 20, 2010

“Smart” Foods

“Smart” Foods are based on a new generation of products. They are not food supplements, they are food.

DX4 is a new “Smart” food of the future from Vision International, and is a based on a combination of various advanced scientific research. The product contains five natural food components. It acts as an “antidote” protecting the target organs against intoxications; it also helps to regulate vital activity processes acting on the organism as on a unified system; it has a clear health-improving effect.

How It Is Different from Others

The main differences of D4X are as follows:

1. D4X is not a medication and is not a bioactive supplement, it is food.

2. Unlike cheap preparations with the ingredients and composition being seemingly similar, D4X is effective in a different way due to the technologies of molecular extraction and homogenization.

Its preparation includes such advanced technologies as cryongenic grinding and supercritical CO2 extraction of nutrient materials.

Unlike cheap preparations, D4X consists fully of natural ingredients without any preservatives and artificial substances. Heat is not used in the preparation of the product which preserves the nutrient giving properties of natural and organic nutrient producing plants.

Natural honey is also used for its many beneficial properties which include preservation of the plant ingredients giving it a long shelf life.

Who Is the Product Intended For?

The target group includes everyone subject to unfavorable environmental factors and also those with bad habits. Practically 100% of the people fit in the group. But two age groups should be singled out: young people and the middle-aged ones.

• Young people are prone to use (and abuse) alcohol and tobacco, eat improperly, and take stimulants (energy drinks). From this point of view D4X will be in demand among the youth, since it makes it possible to instantly protect one against the hazards caused to the organism (target organs) by energy drinks, for example. (In other words, young people will still be able to get the energy drink “high” but without such tremendous harm to their health.)

• Middle-aged people, as compared with the youth, already have a lot of health problems. Their organisms are full of chemical waste and toxins, and their energy is low. For them the product is a chance to timely protect their organisms against, among other things, consequences of taking medications, to enhance their energy and to provide conditions for a gradual improvement of their health by taking, jointly with D4X, other more “long-play” preparations.

DX4’s Specific Effects on the Body:

• Helps in cases of cardiovascular diseases and normalizes the blood circulation

• Reduces the cholesterol level in blood

• Generates energy (ATP)

• Fights the premature withering of the organism

• Augments the cellular breathing (by 55-65 times) thus fighting hypoxia

• Markedly enhances the activity of main body organs (brain, heart, liver, kidneys, lungs, stomach, intestines, thymus, pancreas, skin, bone tissue, marrow, blood, plasma, lymph)

• Encourages the insulin production

• Normalizes the nervous system functions and helps with stress

• Timely blocks the factors causing the alcohol intoxication taking the target organs “under its protection”

Product Uniqueness

DX4’s uniqueness is not so much in its composition and ingredients as in the conditions for obtaining source materials and the production technology.

• First, this is the non-intrusive molecular technology of extracting desired substances from the plant source materials

• Second, this is the technology for combining the purified ingredients into an efficient compound with the specified properties.

The ingredients are mixed using the innovative technology of molecular homogenization that allows “programming” DX4’s significant properties.

The high product efficiency due to the fact that its particles are just 100 nanometers in size. Because of this they can permeate the organism “closed” areas, in particular, the brain. As the result, the product provides not just “physical” but, first of all “information” (signal) effect on the organism (in other words, the product ensures the proper activity of the brain that, in its turn, start to correctly control the entire organism as a system.).

This the property that makes it possible to place this product in the “smart food” category, the new generation of health products and health technologies.

• In the ancient times and in the Middle Ages that role used to be played by the traditional medicine

• In the early 20th century – by bioactive supplements

• In the late 20th century – by the complex nutrition

• Today – by the “Smart” food resulting from the advanced bio- and nanotechnology applications

In addition, the molecular homogenization allows extending the product shelf life without using any preservatives and special expensive packaging. In combination with the preserving properties of natural honey the molecular homogenization provides an unsurpassed effect of retaining all the product parameters for a long time (at least 1 year).

Additional Properties

Thanks to natural honey being the product base taking it is pleasant and convenient. In particular, the product can be dissolved in tea or other drinks (with the drink temperature not exceeding 650C so as to avoid destroying the product live molecular structures.).

DX4 also ideally mixes with natural yogurts and other cultured milk foods. Real yogurt with live lactobacteria should have no additives. But most yogurts sold do have such admixtures. They are preservatives, various aromatizers and flavor intensifiers. Such yogurts necessarily lack any beneficial live cultures. The drawback of live yogurt is that many find it not tasty enough. However, using such yogurt jointly with D4X allows retaining all the beneficial properties of the former and gaining a pleasant taste at the same time.

The Future

Research continues constantly at Vision Laboratories to continually improve that which we ingest – to improve our health, vitality, and awareness. More “Smart” Foods will be released in the future and will be carried by Vision IPG USA, so be on the lookout for them!

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