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June 30, 2010

Sore Joints and Muscles? Try This:

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EnjoyNT Gel is the ideal means for maintenance of the health of your joints. This is the ideal combination of Devil’s Claw fragrant and a most effective variety of Chile pepper. It is used to sooth the joints and muscles before or after a workout and, in general, provides a beneficial influence on these parts of your body!

EnjoyNT is made up of:

Devil’s Claw Fragrant (Harpagophytum procumbens):
This has been used for centuries by European colonists to South Africa to treat arthritis. It has beneficial effects on articulate and rotating joints, reduces hypostasis, eliminates inflammation, removes pains in the joints, and increases their mobility

Chile Pepper (A Variety of Capsicum frutescens L.):
This family of chile peppers are considered one of the strongest natural stimulators. It possesses a warming effect and improves blood circulation. It comes in a gel that you massage into the affected areas. It is currently used for treatment of frostbite areas of the body.

Peanut Oil:
This nourishing oil provides the body with valuable nutrients: fiber that is necessary for growth and restoration of tissue, Vitamin E and minerals which reduce and prevent the development of various diseases. (Vitamin Е is a powerful antioxidant and reduces and presents preventive maintenance of many illnesses.)

Uses for EnjoyNT:

For Youth:
Regular use BEFORE training

For People From 35 Up To 60:
Regular use PRIOR TO THE BEGINNING of physical activity and at occurrence of a pain in the muscles and joints

For Older Persons:
Regular use on the joints for removal of a pain and the general treatment of soreness

EnjoyNT will be appearing on our website very shortly so keep an eye out for it!

P.S.: A word of caution: If you are allergic to peanuts, you should not purchase this product as it may cause severe health problems.

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